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Awards for 2018

Julie Collis Award - Best Club Person
Kate Cox and Denise McDonough

Kate Cox
Kate arrived at CCC in 2015 and quickly developed a love for the sport and the club. She has been an enthusiastic parent, committee member and managed the process of new club uniforms in 2018. Kate is a positive, fun and effective member of our team and we are lucky to have her.
Denise McDonough
Denise person typifies the community spirit of CCC. She came to the club in 2009 and has been involved in the sections for her daughters ever since particularly through her inventive collaborative game of ‘Calisthenics Bingo’. Denise has been a wonderful advocate of CCC and always has the best interests of the club and teams at heart. 

Bev Gorman Award - Best Club Girl
​Katy Louden

Katy joined Chadstone in 2007, as a member of our subbies team. She was a natural, delighting her coaches with her graceful talent, incredible back flexibility and gorgeous expressive face.  Since then she has moved up through all sections of Chadstone and has been a beautiful team member on and off stage. She represented Chadstone as a soloist, in both calisthenics and graceful open and open reserve solo sections and represented Victoria as a member of the 2014 State team. 
She has been a helper in intermediates and sub-junior sections for many years. The past two years she has filled our intern position, and spent many hours assisting the committee and coaches in helping the club to run smoothly, to grow and to share our success over social media. She implemented the buddy system and helped create community between our sections, as well as attending many competitions herself. 
She is an incredible role model for the young women at Chadstone who look up to her.
Congratulations to all students who received special awards at our presentation day. These awards recognise particular commitment in 2018.
Well done to all the teams and students for an amazingly enjoyable and successful year. 

Team Awards

Years of service

Best All Round Contributor  - Breanna Guterres
Most Consistent - Charlotte Skinner
Most Improved - Esther Craig

Best All Round Contributor - Emily Cox
Performance Quality - Aynsley Ljaskevic
Most Consistent - Georgia Dilnot
Most Improved - Felicity Hickey

Best All Round Contributor - Isabelle Rourke
Performance Quality - Annabel Cox
Most Consistent - Lily Maye-McCormick
Most Improved - Yasmin Gitlin

Best All Round Contributor - Grace Caballero-Hayes
Leadership - Millie Hurst
Most Consistent - Chloe Tran
Most Improved - Eva Bakalis
20 Years
Stacie Howell

15 Years
Samantha Caddaye

10 Years
Ava Close
​Jessica Louden
Isabella Rourke
Alexandra Schwatschko
Charlotte Skinner

5 Years
Leila Brough
Beth Camier
Sarah Camier
Myra Dsouza
Sienna Mitchell
Cara West

Awards for 2017

Julie Collis Award - Best Club Person
Sarah Rodgers

Bev Gorman Award - Best Club Girl
Samantha Caddaye

Sarah Rodgers was the recipient of the Julie Collis Award. Sarah has helped out over the years as a section representative, Vice President and Secretary. She is always willing to pitch in and publishes a great Newsletter.
Congratulations to Samantha Caddaye the recipient of the Bev Gorman Award. Sam has been a participant for 14 years and is now a qualified coach completing her cadetship with flying colours! Sam assisted Juniors, stepped in to help out Sub-Juniors and also took on recreational Masters and Tinies in 2018. She is a great leader and mentor to our younger members.

Team Awards

Best All Round Contributor  - Paige Ellis 
Most Consistent - Katy Louden
Most Consistent - Jennifer Jin
Most Improved - Neesha Hair

Best All Round Contributor - Jamila Christensen
Performance Quality - Jess Louden
Most Consistent - Erin Close
Most Improved - Madison Mifsud

Best All Round Contributor - Wattle McDonough
Most Consistent - Alexandra Schwatschko
Most Improved - Noah Degen

Best All Round Contributor - Antonella Olivares
Most Consistent - Sarei Amram
Most Improved - Elizabeth Reilly
Most Improved - Marleen Wissman

Active Club Grant

Chadstone Calisthenics Club were the recipients of an Active Club grant  designed to increase the promotion and participation of young and older community members in calisthenics.

This is a great initiative funded by VicHealth.

2017 Committee

Congratulations to the new committee for Chadstone Calisthenics Club.
Anne-Maree Louden (President)
Kate Cox (Vice President)
Helen Sinclair (Treasurer)
Sarah Rodgers (Secretary)
Leah Fitzsimon (Competition Secretary)
Kristen Skinner (Technical Director

General Committee:
Barbara Caddaye
Samantha Caddaye
Lyn Glassford
​Stacie Howell

Presentation Day 2016

Awards for 2016

Congratulations to all students who received special awards at our presentation day. These awards recognise particular commitment in 2016.
Well done to all the teams and students for an amazingly enjoyable and successful year. 

Jordyn Avery
Bev Gorman Award - Best Club Girl

Congratulations to Jordyn Avery the recipient of the Best Club Girl award. Jordyn is an integral member of our Intermediates and helper with our Juniors. She is a great leader and mentor to our younger members.

Kristen Skinner
Julie Collis Award - Best Club Person

Kristen Skinner was the recipient of the newly named Julie Collis Award. Kristen spends many hours mentoring and assisting our coaches and is always available to help educate and inspire all those associated with Chadstone Calisthenics.

Team Awards

Best All Round Contributor  - Whitney Sharpe 
Most Consistent - Jess Delacorn 
Leadership - Samantha Caddaye
Encouragement - Anna Lockhart

Best All Round Contributor - Charlotte Skinner
Performance Quality - Jamila Christensen
Leadership - Holly Huljak
Most Improved - Jenna Santagada

Best All Round Contributor - Amy Hamilton
Most Consistent - Isabel Conrad-Stewart
Most Consistent - Danielle Shamis
Most Improved - Emily Cox

Best All Round Contributor - Ava Close
Most Consistent - Annabel Cox
Most Improved - Chloe Apostolopoulos
Most Improved - Lily Skinner

2016 Solo Concert

Our 2016 ​solo concert was held on Friday 6th May.
What a fantastic night we had with so many beautiful performances from our very talented girls and such a supportive audience.  
Thank you to everyone who helped organize the night (particularly Stacie and Jess), it ran so smoothly!
What a great selfie of all our performers and coaches on stage at the end of the evening!
Really looking forward to next years already.

Star 3 for Chadstone 

​Chadstone Calisthenics were recently awarded Star Club 3 status. The Star Club Program is a Calisthenics Victoria (CVI) endorsed quality assurance program designed to assist Clubs to identify, prioritise and implement effective management strategies to meet the changing demands on sporting groups. We are very proud of this achievement being one of only 7 clubs in Victoria to reach Star Three and above.

Elite Performance Team 2016

​Congratulations to Isabella Rourke who has been selected to join CVI's first Elite Performance Program. Isabella will be participating in the Domestic Team in 2016 and is certain to have a wonderful time training and performing at this level.

Awards for 2015

Congratulations to all students who received special awards at our presentation day. These awards recognise particular commitment in 2015.
Well done to all the teams and students for a fabulous year. 

Bev Gorman Award - Best Club Girl

Congratulations to Melissa Parkhurst for receiving the Bev Gorman Award for Best Club Girl.
Well done to Bronwyn Christensen and Anne-Maree Louden for being joint recipients of the Best Club Person award.

Team Awards

All Round Contributor  - Paige Ellis 
Most Improved - Sarah Camier
Most Improved - Melissa Parkhurst
Encouragement - Jennifer Jin

All Round Contributor - Catie Tennant
Most Consistent - Jordyn Avery
Most Consistent - Morgan Edwards
Most Improved - Elise Hamilton

All Round Contributor - Ashleigh Fitzsimon
Most Improved - Saskia Christensen
Most Improved - Leila Brough
Encouragement - Wattle McDonough

Leadership - Tess Dsouza
All Round Contributor - Noah Degen
Most Consistent - Isabella Rourke
Most Improved - Grace Caballero-Hayes
Most Improved - Isabel Conrad-Stewart

Amazing year for Sub-Juniors

Congratulations to our sub-juniors team, coaches and supporters. The group has had an amazing year winning CVI and Ballarat. There is a great team spirit that comes through in the performances. Looking forward to seeing you all shine at the 60th Annual Concert on the 6th November!

2015 Solo Concert

What a fabulous night we had on Friday 8th May for our solo concert. We had 25 girls performing their solos and what a wonderful display of talent and confidence it was. Thanks to all our amazing soloists and dedicated coaches. Special thank you to Stacie Howell for organising and Anna Lockhart for being our MC. 

Survey on 2014 Calisthenics Year

​Thanks to all the members who completed our survey on the 2014 Calisthenics year and ways to improve our club.  In appreciation of your time in completing the survey we offered a terms free tuition to one lucky respondent.  Congratulations to Stacie Howell whose number was randomly selected! Hopefully you will notice some of your suggestions being implemented over the next 12 months.

State Team 2015

Congratulations to Charlotte Skinner and Catie Tennant for their selection in the 2015 Victorian Intermediates State Team.​ The 27th ACF National Championships will be held from 5th - 11th July 2015 at the Arts Centre Gold Coast, Queensland. 

Awards at Presentation Day 2014

Congratulations to all the members for receiving their 2014 trophies at the Presentation Day. A particular congratulations for the following special awards.
Leadership Award - Jess Lockhart
All Rounder - Georgie Reid
Most Consistent - Stacie Howell
Most Improved - Emily Skinner

Leadership Award - Katy Louden
All Rounder - Jennifer Jin
Most Consistent - Jasmine Rossiter
Most Improved - Michelle Shamis

All Rounder - Bridie Skinner
Most Consistent - Amy Hamilton
Most Improved - Alex Clancy 
Most Improved - Sarah Burke

All Rounder - Tess D’Souza
Most Consistent - Ava Close
Most Improved - Anastasia Raouzeos
Most Improved - Rachel Healy

Best Club Girl (Bev Gorman Award): Stacie Howell
Best Club Person: Susan and Jason Close

Presentation Day 2014

2015 Coaching Team

Congratulations to the following coaches who have been appointed for 2015. How lucky we are to have such a dedicated and committed team of coaches.
Coach - Jacqui Lavery
Coach - Jess Lockhart, Assistant - Stacie Howell
Coach - Mel Cousin, Assistant - Whitney Sharpe
Coach - Ella Freeman, Assistants - Serena Swedosh & Michaela Young
Coach - Mel Cousin, Assistant - Katie Slifka   
Mentor Coach
Tiff Drew    

Poster Competition

Congratulations to Jess Louden for winning the competition to design the poster for our upcoming Annual Concert. For her efforts Jess will receive a $20 iTunes card.  Look out for our next competition that will involve all members.

Another Coach Qualified

Congratulations to Jacqui Lavery for passing her assessment and finally becoming a qualiified coach.  Jacqui has worked with the Tinies for a number of years and is the head coach for Tinies this year. Jacqui also helps out with the Intermediates. We are so lucky to have two new coaches (Jacqui and Stacie) added to our talented Chadstone coaching team.

Solo Concert

Congratulations to all our beautiful and talented soloists on your great performances at the solo concert. Thanks to all our wonderful coaches and also Stacie for organising the evening.

New Qualified Coach

Congratulations to Stacie Howell for passing her assessment and becoming a fully qualified coach!  Stacie has been a valued member of Chadstone Calisthenics Club for 16 years and has been a helper with many sections. 

VicHealth's Active Club Grants

Hundreds of sports and active recreation clubs across Victoria have benefited from $1.8 million of funding from VicHealth's Active Club Grants program.

Chadstone Calisthenics Club was one of 8 Victorian Clubs who were successful recipients of the VicHealth 2013/14 Active Club Grants program!

We will be purchasing portable Ballet Barres to help with warm ups and develop technique. Thanks to Barbara for submitting the bid.

Movie Night - Muppets Most Wanted

A great night was had by all at the Muppets Most Wanted movie night at the Classic Cinema Elsternwick.

Introducing Samira Babo - CCC Sponsor Child

Chadstone Calisthenics Club have recently sponsored a girl through World Vision.  

My name is Samira Babo and I am 6 years old. I was born on 7 April 2007. I live in MAOKOMO BAMBASI ADP in Ethiopia.

Summer School Fun

Thanks to our coaches and helpers in running an enjoyable summer school for students. Lots of new skills learnt and preparation for the season ahead. Classes start the first week of February.

State Team 2014

Congratulations to Katy Louden for her selection in the 2014 Victorian Intermediates State Team.​ The 26th ACF National Championships will be held from the 6th to 12th July, 2014 at Hamer Hall in the Arts Centre Precinct, Melbourne.

Club Concert

The end of year concert was a wonderful display of the talents of all the teams.
Thanks to all the coaches, participants and others for their work in putting together such a fabulous display. Ordered DVDs have arrived and will be available for collection.

Club Awards

Congratulations to 2013 Award Winners:
Bev Gorman Award - Jess Lockhart
Best Club Person - Barbara Caddaye